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why did we create webnews?

We wanted to give people a fast and easy way to try out Usenet (or even access it regularly). Many of the current Usenet clients are pretty heavy-weight, and some users want a way to access groups on multiple machines (as well as on smartphones).

Eventually we hope to make Usenet text groups more usable by letting users rate interesting posts/threads and tag spam.

Right now the focus is on text groups and image binaries groups; we don't do much with multi-part objects now and we're focusing most of our effort on mobile access and making text groups better.

Any suggestions are welcome!

webnews structure

The iphone/mobile version is designed to be very simple to navigate; once logged in you should be able to go back by clicking a button on the upper left hand of the page.

For the full browser interface, webnews pages are divided into three frames. The navigation menu is in the left-hand column. The upper right-hand frame is the list of newsgroups or the list of messages inside a newsgroup. The bottom frame displays the message and allows you to construct posts to newsgroups.

usenet search

We have a Usenet search functionality that currently allows you to search within a group by author, subject, or other header fields. We will soon be expanding it to allow for keyword search within a group as well.


One great feature we have implemented is notification!

Just click "enable notification" on any message you find (or on one of your messages), and you will receive email any time a followup is posted.

Of course, you must be a registered user to receive notifications.

newsgroup Subscriptions

Like a newsreader, we allow you to subscribe to the newsgroups that you regularly follow so you can easily find and browse those groups.


As a registered user, you can also forward messages to yourself or friends.

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